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Wrigleyville Nation's Podcast - Chicago Cubs Discussion, News, & More

Oct 26, 2015

Evan Altman returns to recap the 2015 Cubs season with Jeremy and Pat.  The word of the day is FUN, as we recap where the Cubs started the season, the highs, the lows, our favorite moments, and more.  It will never be like this again.  Bring on the expectations.  Enjoy.....Go Cubs!!!!

Oct 20, 2015

Positive Vibes!  The Cubs are down 0-2 after a tough 2 NLCS games in NY.  We talk about the troubles, but get positive looking ahead to the upcoming homestand.  It is time for the offense to come alive at home!  Enjoy.....Go Cubs!!!!

Oct 16, 2015

It happened!  Cubs win the NLDS, eliminate the Cardinals, and move on to the NLCS.  We recap the last 2 home games, including the clinching celebration.  Relive the amazing moment and preview the upcoming NLCS against the Mets.  Enjoy.....Go Cubs!!!!

Oct 12, 2015

Sam Fels returns!  Sam is from The Committed Indian, The Ivy Drip, and Cubsden.  We recap the first two games in STL.  All three of us recount home playoff games past, and why this is different.  This is a super fun show, get ready for playoff baseball with us.  Enjoy.....Go Cubs!!!!

Oct 9, 2015

W.  Let's celebrate as we recap the Cubs widcard game victory over the Pirates.  We also preview the Divisional Series against those STL Cardinals.  Feeling good, feeling confident.  Go Cubs!!!!