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Wrigleyville Nation's Podcast - Chicago Cubs Discussion, News, & More

Apr 27, 2015

Paul Noonan joins Jeremy & Pat to fill us in on all things Milwaukee Brewers.  Cubs have 6 games upcoming with teh Brewers so lets learn whats happening to our north.  We discuss Addison Russell's debut.  And, we recap a great early season road trip for the Cubs, preview next weeks homestand, & more....Enjoy, and Go...

Apr 21, 2015

James Neveau joins Jeremy & Pat in a celebration!  We celebrate Kris Bryant's debut.  And, we celebrate episode 50!  We talk pitching injuries, 3 catchers, Russell at 2nd base, & more....Enjoy, and Go Cubs!

Apr 13, 2015

Jeremy & Pat Recap the first week of the 2015 Season.  A new song for a new year from shy mirrors.  First hand accounts of the bathroom drama and construction.  Cubs are over 500, lets rejoice.  We preview the upcoming homestand.  Cubs uniform 49 give us a histroy lesson....Enjoy, and Go Cubs!